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Joseph Evans

For Mayor of Boise, Idaho


Joe Evans

For Mayor of Boise

Driven by Passion. Prepared for Change.

Meet Joe Evans

No one works harder. No one cares more. No one is more prepared to reform City Hall than Joe Evans.

Our communities and way of life are being threatened. As Mayor, I will fight to end the politics as usual and focus on the following priorities:

Championing Local Businesses: Boise’s economic growth should benefit its residents first. We’ll prioritize local business retention and development, ensuring our community thrives from within.

Upgrading Our Infrastructure: Our infrastructure needs to keep pace with a growing population. We’ll tap into alternative state and county resources to enhance roadways and streetlights, bolstering community safety, while improving on water and power systems to accommodate our growing community.

Elevating Boise Schools: We’ll prioritize and fund programs emphasizing direct learning opportunities, ensuring our students receive the best multi disciplinary education possible.

Responsible Financial Management: It’s time to cut unnecessary taxes and end wasteful spending. Your hard-earned money deserves respect and careful stewardship.



The Boise Upzone has exposed vulnerabilities in our approach to the housing crisis. As the effects of this policy unfold by December, it's clear that decisions about Boise's growth shouldn't be left solely to established developers.

Police Accountability

Recent increases in shootings within Boise and the Treasure Valley underscore the urgent need for enhanced oversight. It's time for a new leadership model that fosters trust between the Boise Police Department and our community.


Nobody enjoys paying taxes, especially our fixed and low-income residents. While the State limits Boise's taxation powers, we can and should manage our budget responsibly. We aim to avoid tax hikes and, where possible, reduce them.


Idaho's appeal to visitors and newcomers has led to challenges like gentrification and displacement. Homelessness is not a crime. Boise has the capacity and resources to support those in need until they regain stability.

Economic In-Reach

Out-of-state ownership of multi-tenant housing in Boise can drain our local wealth. By fostering homegrown entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and tradespeople, we can ensure that Boise's economy benefits its residents first and foremost.


Our focus should be addressing violence and property crimes, which directly impact our community's safety. Law enforcement's mission should be driven by Boiseans' real needs, not by distant legislators' subjective views.


Early Voting Starts on October 23rd, 2023!

What People Say

About Joe Evans

"Joe is a dedicated volunteer and family man with a proven track record of fighting for causes in the community. He is a leader who listens to and works tirelessly to make for a stronger Boise. I am proud to support Joseph Evans for Mayor and have no doubt that he will make us proud running City Hall."

Tim S.
Boise Resident

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